Jaden's Law passed in New Jersey in 2010.  Our goal is to pass this legislation in every state, in hopes to ultimately become federal.


Join us and make a difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to become our partner.

Foundation History

  1. 2006- Brett & Shana met Jaden and their lives changed forever.
  2. 2007 - 3-year old Jaden lost his battle to leukemia.  Preserve Our Legacy started.
  3. 2010 - Preserve Our Legacy Co-founders wrote legislation and got Jaden's Law passed in New Jersey.
  4. 2010 - Preserve Our Legacy launched Preserve Our Legacy Cord Blood Program at Harlem Hospital.


Our founderS

Rodney Hilton
As a Family & Patient Advocate, he provides the needed support many depend upon when dealing with a sick loved one.

Cynthia Reed, MBA
Our Chief Financial Officer assists P.O.L. in obtaining our fundraiser goals.

Erica Lee-Benedetto
Our Marketing Director makes sure we're where people need us.

Curtis Morrison, Esq.
Chief Legal Counsel ensures we are represented in all partnerships.

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and find a match.

our leadership & Advisory team

Finding a match for 2-year old Jaden was expected to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. We are so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven philanthropists on the globe.