Preserve Our Legacy, Inc. (POL) was formed by Mac-Melius Agency, Inc., (MMA, Inc.) in 2007.  MMA is a New York based firm with a combined 15 years of experience in Event Planning, Publicity, Marketing and Concierge services.

In 2006, the founders of MMA, Brett and Shana Melius met a 3-year old African-American boy named Jaden Hilton through an effort with Greg Marius of Entertainers Basketball Classic.  This new acquaintance would not only touch their lives, but would eventually have a significant impact on the lives of many others.  At the time, Jaden was battling Leukemia which inspired MMA to begin working with DKMS to build awareness about stem cell treatments and to find a donor for Jaden.  Despite their efforts, Jaden lost his battle with Leukemia on January 29, 2007.  After this devastating loss, MMA, Inc. heightened its efforts to build awareness especially amongst communities that are just not educated, about the need for donors, for those who are affected by leukemia, sickle cell anemia, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases at higher rates throughout the US. In an effort to fulfill the mission of educating these under represented communities, Preserve Our Legacy was formed.




Shana Melius, M.B.A, MA, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, Born in Manhattan, New York raised in the Bronx, NY and Winston-Salem, NC,  Shana found out at an early age that leadership was in her destiny. Coming from an entrepreneurial background within her family, where both grandfather’s owned their own businesses. Shana began her career in the music industry at The Inc Records (formerly Murder Inc. Records) in 2001. She worked as one of Grammy winning artist, Ja Rule Manager’s assistants. She left in 2004 to start her own publicity and photography firm, Mac-Melius Agency, Inc. with now husband Brett Melius, where they have worked with celebrities such as Kansas City Chiefs Thomas Jones, artist Lil Kim, DJ Clue, just to name a few. Shana’s mission has made it a life mission to save millions of lives through Preserve Our Legacy, Inc.

R. Brett Melius, Co-Founder & Co-Chair, A New York native and graduate of the NYC's, School of Visual Arts, Brett Melius started his career in photography over 10 years ago mentored by some of the most prestigious names in the industry.  As a student Brett assisted professionals like, Bruce Wolfe and Guy Aroch. Brett has worked for international modeling agencies like Elite, Wilhelmina and IMG. To date, Brett can be found shooting some of the most talented Athletes, Actors, Recording Artists and Models around the world. Brett's work can be found in a variety of publications, including: Amsterdam News, Boston Herald, Flyer Magazine, Positive Community, Sister to Sister Magazine, XXL Magazine and Source Magazine.  Brett's style has been described as documentary, with the ability to capture the "moment."  With a focus on photographing celebrities and everyday people, Brett’s heart mission is to save millions of through increasing awareness through Preserve Our Legacy, Inc.

Our mission is to inform and educate

individuals, especially in ethnically diverse communities, about the

benefits of adult stem cells and treatment options they provide via bone

marrow, peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) and/or umbilical cord blood



We will provide educational resources needed to focus on early detection, which can lead to prompt treatment, which can improve the chances of a productive life and beneficial, healthy outcome.  Through adult stem cell donation via umbilical cord blood, bone marrow and/or PBSC, diseases such as Leukemia, Sickle Cell Anemia, AIDS, Heart Disease, Diabetes, in addition to, 76 other diseases will effectively be treated and/or in some cases, such as Sickle Cell Anemia even a cure.


We will assist in preserving the legacy for all people by providing factual tools, such as health care resources and information about life-saving programs. We will be vigilant in aiding the research efforts through a series of events and educational community programs, which will

preserve the legacy for people, worldwide.